Eco Friendly Essay

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One of the main challenges of the 21st century is Going to green and having organic ingredients. Being an eco friendly company is not an option or a marketing gimmick for Moonglow Acres' going green or being an environmental friendly company was the main pillars of the company, so that the proposed international merger should address this and needs to make its number one priority. Recently it almost impossibly to find a company who does not beat the drum of going green, some of them also they have used it a means to charge more. However, going green or being an eco friendly company is not an easy task especially for yogurt production; Ensuring the continuity of the fresh and organic milk supply, finding the cost effective and eco friendly packaging system would be the main challenge for Moonglow Acres' if an international merger considered. So now there is a basic question for Moonglow Acres' executives how they manage their eco friendly endeavor, which business model would be best fit for Moonglow. This section of the project will answer the above question. We want to consider and analyze the viability of social business; model developed by a noble prize winner Muhammad Yunus. Social business in its simplest definition it can define as a cause driven business model in which, the investors/owners will invest for the proposed cause, and they will receive their initial investment however; they will not get the dividends beyond their original investment but, the business would be expected to profitable. Since Moonglow, wants to be an eco friendly and profitable company we might consider the model. However, taking social business, model in its entirety has a serious shortcoming. For instance Muhammad yunus in his social business, theory argued “there is a selfish and a selfless side to all individuals. It would then be possible to create social businesses to solve
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