Eco and Ib Essay

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ib | Do I have the purpose statement as last sentence of first paragraph? | |Do I have the outline as a separate paragraph? | |Have I used present simple in the outline? | |Avoid “This paper will deal with…” use This paper examines, investigates, | |“This paper looks at…” use It analyses … | |“This paper is going to investigate…” use It investigates … | |“Finally, there will be a conclusion…” Leave such sentences out | |Remember to hit the enter button to create a clear space between paragraphs. | |Remember to split sections into paragraphs. | |Using a PC : Ctrl + F | |Using a Mac: Cmd + F | |Copy the words from the left column and search document. Remove or change as advised | | | |Do not have these at the START of a sentence: x | |x | |

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