Eco 561 Week 1-6 (Assignments and Dqs) Entire Class - Essay

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ECO 561 Week 1-6 (Assignments And Dqs) Entire Class - IF You Want To Purchase A+ Work Then Click The Link Below , Instant Download If You Face Any Problem E- Mail Us At Week 1 Discussion Questions Different products have different elasticities. Heart medication, for example, is inelastic and corn is elastic. All firms can increase the volume of goods or services sold by cutting prices; however, elastic products are much more price sensitive than inelastic products. Find a product that has not already been selected and describe the price elasticity. How much control might an organization have over pricing based on a product’s elasticity? Discuss this question in terms of elasticity. All firms can increase the volume of goods or services sold by cutting prices. But the volume (quantity) of goods or services a firm sells differs from a firm’s revenues (price times quantity). Select your firm or a firm not previously discussed. What good or service does the firm sell? Is the price elasticity of demand elastic or inelastic for that good or service? How should the firm alter the price of the good or service to increase revenues? According to the Federal Housing Finance Agency house price index, U.S. housing prices declined throughout 2008 and 2009. What are two demand determinants and two supply determinants that might explain the broad decline in house prices that occurred in those years? Is the market currently in equilibrium? Movie theaters generally charge the same ticket price for all movies with evening show times, regardless of popularity. This pricing strategy causes surpluses (empty theater seats) for unpopular films and shortages (turning away prospective viewers) for popular films. How can movie
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