Eco/561 Buisness Proposal Essay

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Business Proposal Eco/561 Business Proposal Companies and businesses all around the world are all after the same goal. That goal is to make money. Companies today take several of gambles from wasting money on projects that don’t work and from spending too much on equipment that don’t matter. Another way that companies are losing various amounts from are from people whom are shoplifting and stealing merchandise that have not been paid for. As this business proposal will inform you today that the equipment and protection of just one easy system can save a company thousands of dollars. Many people have walked into any store from a gas station to a large department store and have seen those hideous cameras in which many of them are just bubble displays to reduce lost and detour people from concealing merchandise on that isle. A new developed Walmart will spend about $.200,000 on just surveillance equipment. Companies today are spending millions of dollars on Video Surveillance Equipment in which all can be reduce. A typical store such as a retail store in which I currently work at have over 30 different cameras in which cost a minimum of $150 each or more depending if it’s a still shot or PTZ. A PTZ cameras is able to zoom in and move in a 360 degree angle in which could only follow a person depending on where the camera is located. PTZ’s usually run from $500 Dollars $2,000 or even more depending on the quality. A retail store usually has at least 5+ PTZ’s in there store and the majority of their cameras are still shots in which cannot be rotated or zoomed in. These still shots are good and bad at the same time. There good to keep at registers to have a still shot at all times in case of money being lost or stolen from the employees. If it were to be a PTZ camera it might be facing a different angle and can lose the shot of when an employee has stolen from

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