Eclectic Ethical Code Essay

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university of technology | Ethics | Personal code of Ethics | | Dr. Shade | | | Eclectic Ethical Code As I set out another phase of my journey I see the need to establish the code of ethics that I’ve decided to live by. I am now 19 years old and just in my first year in University pursuing a degree in Quantity Surveying. Since being introduced to Ethics I now spend my brief sessions of free time thinking and reading. I purposely read things that are largely censored in our society. I also think about the problems in society and solutions, but furthermore put those solutions into practice. In past years I was much younger and naïve and very concrete in my thinking about a lot of things such as religion. I was thought I was right and what I was taught was absolute and could not be disputed. However I’ve grown to realize the dangers and consequences of being dedicated on a single idea. For if Humans were more uncluttered there would be less conflicts in the world such as the civil and world wars of the past. I have found that it is far better to share your ideas openly and listen to those of others than to sit defiantly and defensively ignoring the ideas of others and try and formulate a synthesis. Religion for me was a prominent teacher, but unfortunately with it came a feeling of guilt, sinfulness, and inability to be loyal to my own ideas and thoughts. However through abstract thinking I have bisect my code of ethics into Personal and Professional ethics. In order to make ethical and technically sound decisions I must reject outside influences such as large sums of money or extravagant gifts. Also if for some reason two contracts become mutually exclusive on a certain point or if I have an external reason to not perform well on a particular project, I need to disclose them as a conflict of interest. I then will work with

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