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1) Low levels of living- they are manifested quantitatively and qualitatively in the form of low incomes, inadequate housing, poor health, limited or no education, high infant mortality, low life and work expectancy and sometimes a general sense of hopelessness. Low per capita income- this has to deal with the total production of a country. This is mainly evident in third world nations. Although they have majority of the world’s population they only produce 17% of the world’s output. Yes low levels of living can occur simultaneously with high levels of per capita income. An example is the slums of America. Despite the country having a high level of per capita income, many people who live in certain cities in America are subjected to poverty and are unemployed which inevitably results in low levels of living. 2) * Low levels of living * Low levels of productivity * High rates of population growth and dependency burdens * High and rising levels of unemployment and underemployment * Significant dependence on agricultural production and primary product exports * Dominance, dependence and vulnerability in international relations Not mentioned in the text: * Poverty * Poor service delivery * High illiteracy rates * Lack of facilities * Poor health care * More multinational corporations 3) Advantage: It sets a specific minimum level of existence income; therefore this will allow one to use these same criteria in other aspects. Disadvantages: It finds the total cost of all the essential resources that an average human adult consumes so if this data is available to a foreign company from a developed country. The foreign company can use this to their advantage and exploit the developing countries for its vital resources. No, it won’t because, in Mexico the currency is the US dollar and it won’t have

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