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Ece 315 Final Paper Ashford

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  • on December 19, 2011
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Instructional Plan for Autistic Students
Excellent Student Paper
ECE 315
Professor Hollinger
January 17, 2011

Instructional Plan for Autistic Students
Autism is a disorder that affects many students in today’s world. More than ever, children are faced with the challenges that are associated with the condition. According to Turnbull, Turnbull, and Wehmeyer (2010), “autism is a developmental disability that significantly affects a student’s verbal and nonverbal communication, social interaction, and educational performance” (p. 302). Because of the nature of the disorder, autism impacts various areas of the lives of those living with autism and their family, friends, and educators. In this paper, I will propose an instructional plan for an autistic student. This inclusion-based plan will identify the characteristics of autistic students, discuss the needs of students with autism, and explain accommodations to be used to support autistic students’ progress.
The Face of Autism
As a future educator, in order to create an instructional plan for an autistic student, I must learn about and be aware of the various characteristic of autism. These characteristics include atypical language development, atypical social development, repetitive behavior, problem behavior, sensory and movement disorders, and differences in intellectual functioning (Turnbull, Turnbull, & Wehmeyer, 2010). Recognizing each of these characteristics will help me to create an instructional plan that is relevant and effective.
My instructional plan will tackle the challenge of language development. The teaching methods I choose to implement must speak to the specific needs of my autistic student. Typical communication with autistic children involves focusing attention on one topic only, limiting a communication topic to fewer than a couple of interactions, using limited gestures to supplement verbal skills, reversing pronouns, looking away from the speaker rather than maintaining eye...

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