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4. Is ECCO following the inside-out or outside-in strategic perspective? What are the implications of this choice and how can ECCO increase their sales/marketing efforts? * Inside-out strategy: which is an internal oriented strategy. This strategy emphasizes the company’s ability to utilize its existing internal resources and focuses on streamlining operation through proper sizing and cost reduction. Even though this way could create short-term benefits to shareholder, this approach could negatively impact the company’s ability to adjust to external changes, especially rapid market and competitors’ changes. * Outside-in strategy: which is external market oriented strategy. Company makes the business decision according to the customer needs and market trends. It is “outside –in” thinking, which could help company to catch up with the market trend and develop products and services that meet the needs of customers. As we can see from the case, ECCO followed the inside-out strategy. * ECCO has a corporate strategy process that relies on the core competencies of the company to drive change, product development and innovation as opposed to external influences such as market, competition and customer preferences. The assertion by inside-out strategists is that a company achieves greater efficiencies and adapt more quickly to changing circumstances. ECCO is following an inside-out strategy (resource base strategy), whereas all the competitors seem to follow an outside-in strategy. * ECCO heavily relies on its internal ability to drive innovation and changes on product development. The company follows an inside-out thinking and achieves its competitiveness against other brands in the market through inside out optimization process. The fact that ECCO is an innovator and leader in the market is mainly based on its internal resources. * ECCO has
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