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A Study of Ecclesiology (Church History) Yesterday Today and Tomorrow By Glen Maurice Lucas A Research Paper September 2011 This research paper is outlined as follows: I Introduction II Early Church History III Gods Chosen People IV Church History Outline of Events V Conclusion VI End Notes VII Bibliography Introduction My goal for this research paper on ecclesiology is to gain a better understanding and Insight into the church, the Church of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Being that I am not a theologian, I ask God to direct and guide me, knowing that He will as He always does and for this I thank Him. The definition of ecclesiology (ikli:zi-oledzi:) is the study of churches, their origins, Building, development and decoration. (Fr GK ekklesia, Church and Logas) (1) There are so many variations of the church throughout the world that I could not put the study of all into this one paper. That is a lifelong study of growth and understanding. So for, the context of this paper I will keep to the Catholic tradition for the most part. Even in that ,there are so many conflicting variations. Cardinal Avery Dulles, put it so well when he said, “Christians have radically different visions of the church, they are not agreed upon what the church truly is.” We as Christians (following Christ) have the hardest time accepting each other’s church. We go around with an egotistical view of my church being better and more true to form than your church. This is a sad state, and not what Jesus I’m sure had in mind to spread the Good News. The goals of the various churches are pretty much the same, to be saved through Jesus and unlock the kingdom of Heaven. Then, why is it that sacraments performed by one Christian church are not accepted by another? Is it not

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