Eccentric Perception of Esteban

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Eccentric Perception of Esteban Isabel Allende, The House of the Spirits is a family story that extends over four generations. Taking place in Chile, it focuses largely on the major themes of retribution, sacrifice, political struggle, parenthood, violence, suffering, as well as magical-realism. The House of the Spirits features characters of all types and backgrounds. It is a book that is portrayed by the conflicting personalities of the characters involved. The women in this novel are portrayed as the protagonists who strive in distinctive ways to stress their rights. However, I believe Esteban Trueba was the most significant individual in the book as he takes a leading purpose all the way through the generations of the Trueba and Garcia families. Every major premise in the novel revolved around, and had some sort of relevance to the characteristics and history of Esteban. His different perspectives for life and himself as a person through the novel are essentially altered due to his relationships between his immediate family and granddaughter. Esteban was obsessive, destructive, and greedy. He dedicated his life to his business and political calling. Single-minded first to become prosperous and then to become imposing. He owed much of his achievements to the work of the peasants at Tres Marias, the home he constructed, although he by no means regarded them with respect or equality. Esteban was an individual that went from having little assets in life to having dominance and success to finally end lonely. His collapse was due to his own ego, because he let his pride and arrogance take away everything he ever loved. Allende documents Esteban’s accomplishments and defeats in The House of the Spirits. After parting ways with his mother and sister, and starting a new and independent life, Esteban went through a change. He became successful and
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