Ebt1 Task 1 Wgu

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EBT1 Task 1
Jane Smith
Western Governors University

A1. & A2. Article | Johnson, M., & Cowin, L. S. (2013). Nurses discuss bedside handover and using | | written handover sheets. Journal Of Nursing Management, 21(1), 121-129. | | doi:10.1111/j.1365-2834.2012.01438.x | Background Information | The authors were very clear and precise in defining the reason for conducting a study, reflecting on the fact that handover reports play a crucial role in patient safety. They put the study in perspective giving readers information from the start about the dynamics of the implementation process. The abstract is well organized, it identifies the aim, methodology, finding, conclusion and implications for nursing management, making it simple to navigate. The introduction gave a historical overview of studies on the topic of handover reports and explained how this study fits into the series of researches already conducted. It focused on justifying further exploring the particular angle of this main concept of handover reports. | Review of Literature | The review of literature took place as a part of the introductory section of the paper, it did come before methodology, but it would be easier to locate it if it would be listed in a separate section. The segment started with the definition of the concept of handover reports, which was cross-referenced with five additional sources. It gave the readers a good understanding of the main subject of this article. The authors did an extensive review of studies on the presented topic listing 16 different references that were conducted from 2006 to 2012. An additional 95 articles were mentioned to be a source for cited literature which builds a broad and well-supported base for presented statements. The authors complemented several studies pointing out their specific valuable findings

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