Ebt1 Task 1 Nursing Research

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EBT1 Task 1

Critique of a Nursing Research Article
A1. Article
Ford, Y. , Heyman, A., Chapman, Y. (2014). Patients’ perceptions of bedside handoff; the need for a culture of always. Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 29(4), 371-378.

A2. Graphic Background Information | The purpose of this article was to identify patient perceptions of bedside handover through directly asking patients about their care. The study was done on a two in-patient medical-surgical departments at Borgess Medical Center in Michigan. They had implemented bedside handoff at shift change 18 months prior to this study. Then a sample of patient participants was chosen from the two nursing departments for the study. They had to meet certain criteria to be a participant and they had to experience three handoffs. Then they
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Most of these studies have focused on implementing bedside handoffs and nurse perceptions of the handoff. Published studies that focused on patients’ perceptions of beside handoff have been mainly qualitative. Recently, researchers have published studies that seek to measure bedside handover quantitatively. Whether qualitative or quantitative, all studies report an increase in patient satisfaction with bedside handover. | Methodology | This quantitative study was to identify patients’ perceptions of the bedside handoff. This was a quantitative study because they used a survey with the patients and found a mean score for each of the eight items on the survey. The subtype was correlational because Pearson correlation was used to determine if there were any relationships between patients’ demographic characteristics and their responses to items, and also to decide if relationships existed between the number of bedside handoffs and responses to items.
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