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Ebt Task One Essay

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EBT1-724.8.1-01-06, 8.2-01-06
Dr. Luther

|Article               |Easterlow, D., Hoddinott, P., & Harrison, S. (2010). Implementing and standardising the use of peripheral vascular     |
|                       |access devices. Journal Of Clinical Nursing, 19(5-6), 721-727.                                                         |
|                       |doi:10.1111/j.1365-2702.2009.03098.xhttp://www.apic.org/Resource_/EliminationGuideForm/259c0594-17b0-459d-b395-fb143321|
|                       |414a/File/APIC-CRBSI-Elimination-Guide.pdf                                                                             |
|Background Information|Authors assess the implementation of changing cannulae protocol to reduce the cases of peripheral line related         |
|                       |infections in a large teaching hospital in UK. Concise abstract outlines objectives, reason for research, namely, the   |
|                       |increase in healthcare acquired infections in UK in recent years, and contributing factors, such as poor practice of   |
|                       |healthcare workers, and declined hygiene standards in hospital. This topic is vital worldwide, especially in United     |
|                       |States, where PICC line infections (CLABSI-Central line –associated blood stream infections) are studied vigorously,   |
|                       |and nurses worldwide need evidence base data for best practice determination in many fields of nursing, from acute care|
|                       |to home health settings. The abstract, although very brief, piqued my interest in article, because I have worked in     |
|                       |numerous settings, from hospital to home health nursing, where I have had to care for patients with peripheral         |
|                       |intravenous cannulae (PVC’s), and with infections of their central lines. I have seen first hand how difficult it can   |

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