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Ebt Task 2 Essay

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Evidence to Evaluate|Type of Source|Appropriate or Inappropriate|Type of Research|
AAP/AAFP, 2004|Filtered|This article is appropriate as it provides guidelines for watchful waiting as an alternative to prescribing antibiotics for children with AOM that is viral rather than bacterial.|EBM-Guideline|
Block, 1997|Unfiltered|Not appropriate as this article seems biased towards empirical antibacterial therapy and does not discuss other alternatives. However this article does provide proof of resistant bacteria, but still considered inappropriate for this practice. |Summary of evidence|
Kelley, Friedman, & Johnson, 2007|Unfiltered|This is an appropriate article as it discusses the different forms of ear infections, ways of diagnosing, treatments, and overuse of   antibiotics with viral AOM and promotes watchful waiting.|Summary of evidence|
McCracken, 1998|Unfiltered|Appropriate discussion of types of AOM viral vs bacterial and offered support for watchful waiting vs automatic prescription of ABT and the concurrent increase in resistant bacteria|Summary of evidence|
Patient/Parent Interview|General Information|It is helpful to understand what parents expect; overall having this information is appropriate as it allows providers to understand how to communicate the recommended guidelines and educate the parents.|General Research|
Watchful Waiting
When applying evidence-based medicine to a clinical practice it can be sometime difficult to convince the consumer population that this would be the best approach, especially when it comes to children. Parents on a whole find it very difficult to see their children in pain and when it comes to ear infections the request for antibiotics can be made within hours of the child’s first complaint. Unfortunately the empiric treatment with antibiotics has caused the medical world and society as a whole to see a rise of “super bugs” or antibiotic resistant bacteria even with ear infections (McCracken, 1998). The article “Diagnosis...

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