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Ebt Task 1 Essay

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  • on February 2, 2014
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Western Governors University
EBT1 Task2
Kyle Mawer

Source of Evidence|A.1Types of Sources of Evidence|A.2Appropriateness of Sources of Evidence|A.3 Classification of Sources of Evidence|
AAP/AAFPClinical Practice Guideline, 2004.|-Filtered|-Appropriate-Guideline of recommendations for the treatment of AOM. -Recommendation for observation showed in the placebo study that by 24 hours, 61% of children have decreased symptoms whether they receive placebo or antibacterial agents. By 7 days, approximately 75% of children have resolution of symptoms.-Clearly defined the waiting period as 48-72 hours. - Specific time tables were presented in each recommendation.- Provided the first line of antibiotic treatment.|-Evidence based guideline|
Block, S.L, 1997.|-Unfiltered|-Inappropriate-This study focuses on the bacterial pathogens responsible for AOM, occurrence and susceptibility patterns, and antimicrobial agents available.-This study does not include any information on the current nursing situation of watchful waiting compared to immediate treatment.|-Primary|
Kelley, P.E., Friedman, N., 2007.|-General Information Source|-Appropriate-Provides knowledgeable information in regards to pediatric ear infections, the causative pathogens responsible, diagnosis, and treatment.-Included a section regarding the guidelines for observation option (watchful waiting).-Also included treatment options and the occurrence of antibiotic resistance.   |-Evidence based guideline|
McKracken, G., 1998|-Unfiltered|-Appropriate-Provided viral and bacterial etiologies AOM and the natural history of AOM.-Approximately 60% of children with AOM will spontaneously resolve the infection.-Covered antimicrobial resistance.-Based upon meta-analysis of 5400 children enrolled in 33 randomized trials, 81% had spontaneous clinical resolution and an improvement of 14% who had antimicrobial therapy. |-Evidence Summary|
Interviews|-Unfiltered|-Appropriate-Provides information from...

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