Ebook vs Paperbackbooks Essay

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Final Essay Ina Mann 03/02/2014 EBooks versus Paperback Books Which is better? The new media are making eBooks out to be better than the tradition paperback books. People are choosing to read from eBooks, and not buying paperback books. This can be very hard on companies like Two Brothers Book Publishing, and Books-A-Million. They have to make their money. They both allow you to read, and learn. You have to think the future on this subject. Great-grandchildren what you want for them. We are seeing how the media has taken over the world. Reading and having knowledge is how we have made it this far. Making sure that the future has the same knowledge we have. The future of your great-grandchildren should be with the same respect and morals you were able to have form reading. The GOOD The good be hide having a paperback book: you can pass the book down to a family member that you think would like to read the book. Having a paperback bible would be a great gift to pass down. They will be able hold the book, highlight words they like, and they can also pass the book down. The good of eBooks: There are no books to carry, and it is a hand held device. The Bad EBooks the internet can have malfunction to not work for a week or so. What would people do, that have eBooks? How would they read? Should they have a computer that shuts down, how do they read? Paperback book When your paperback books get wet they are more than likely rude. The pages can be torn out and you will not be able to read with an

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