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Ebony, you did a nice job on this Appendix. The material you presented was done in a concise and informative manner. Good work. I did notice you could have included more details to your paper overall. You provided some interesting facts though. Nice job. I have included suggestions within your grade form below. Keep up the fantastic work. Let me know if you have any questions. Your score: 3 points out of 5 Roberta Ebony Robinson 06/17/2012 ETH/125 Roberta Roman |Site |Image |Thoughts | |From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia…show more content…
today? Today I believe that we have better opportunity-we have the right to work/vote. We are also able to get the jobs that men are allowed. I have even heard that we are making more than men today on an average of 60,000 dollars or more. Women are more called now weaker than men. The stereotype that place women is in the home. · What are some examples of concepts or constructions of masculinity and femininity that you see in society and in media? I think that we are captivated about the talk of the differences between women and men. Example would be; best book sellers, self-help videos-with titles like men are mars, women are from venus. Of course, the question is an age old one. Nevertheless, people nearly always seem to be interested in new (and often old, disguised as new) perspectives about how and why men and women are so different. The talk of differences is so common that the assumption is rarely questioned. One problem with much of the talk about sex/gender differences is the facility with which gender stereotypes can be unintentionally reinforced. Resource- Hazing and Gender: Analyzing the…show more content…
|Ebony, you did a good job on this Appendix. The information you presented | |The table is completed in its entirety. |was very compelling and factual. Nice job. I hope you found the research | |A screenshot or a copy of the student’s Wordle is submitted. |informative. I notice that you did not meet the word-length requirements. | |The responses to questions provided are 150 to 350 words in length. |If you were to apply the 150-350 words per question (six questions); you | | |would have had to have a minimum of 900 words. You only had 588 words

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