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Will the level of economic development determine the mortality rate of the Ebola virus? Currently the world is facing, what is considered to be among the most dangerous viruses that humanity has ever faced - the Ebola virus. In terms of treating the virus, people around the world continue to die from Ebola. Its symptoms consist of some of the same as less dangerous diseases such as fever or flu. Ebola was first discovered 1976 in Africa, of the Ebola river, after which the virus has been named. The main symptoms can appear within the 2nd - 21st day of contamination, but usually of the 8th - 10th day. During the 7th - 9th days of contamination you will experience headaches, fatigue, fever and muscle soreness. These symptoms are similar from those that people usually experience when catching the flu, so victims may ignore these symptoms, or try to treat it as they would if they had the flu. However as the virus keeps progressing you with develop nausea with vomiting, diarrhea, chest and stomach pains, red eyes and rash over the body, severe weight loss, and bleeding from almost all bodily openings. This virus is transmitted through blood or waste. The other way of getting infected is through skin by receive bodily fluids through pores. Even though there is no specific cure for Ebola, doctors still try to treat it. Ebola is a highly dangerous disease, but it is not likely to spread globally. It is mostly deadly in anti-sanitary conditions, which many African countries are known for. Even though there is no cure for Ebola in first world countries, there is much less risk of getting infected that African countries. So far, every Ebola story of an American infected by the Ebola virus has ended happily. The virus didn't change when it came to America, but the medical services did. The amount of doctors per 100,000 population is much larger in MEDC's compared to

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