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OUTLINE Thesis Statement: The deadly virus Ebola is killing thousands of innocent people world wide, but there are some simple steps that are being taken to prevent this coming tide of death. I. Introduction II. Outbreaks A. First two outbreaks B. 1976 outbreak C. 1995 outbreak D. 1989 U.S. outbreak III. What is Ebola A. The Ebola virus in general B. Transmission C. Symptoms D. 1 in 10 victims survive IV. No treatment V. Contraction of Ebola A. Must infect animal first B. Chimpanzees are the suspected hosts VI. What is to blame A. Poor facilities are impart to blame B. Inadequate surveillance systems C. Poor governmental quoperation VII. Prevention and what it helping A. More money B. Hospitals staffs are now better informed C. (CDC) is helping D. Prevention IIX. Conclusion Ebola, a major threat to today's society, is threatening all parts of today's culture. In this paper one will be presented with six major points of analyses. The first an outbreak timeline, the next three are a basic overview of the deadly virus. In the fifth, one will be presented with what things are being blamed for these violent outbreaks. And in the sixth and final point one will be shown what is being done to better the situation. It is over in a matter of days. The victim staggers, disoriented and exhausted, and collapses in a fever. His eyes turn bright red, and he starts vomiting blood. Within a matter of hours, he "crashes" and "bleeds out" surcumming to agonizing death with blood seeping from his eyes, ears and other orifices. At autopsy, pathologists discover, aghast, that the patients internal organs have disintegrated into an indistinguishable mass of bloodied tissue. The killer: A "hot" virus, a highly contagious and deadly microbe that has never been seen before, and has no known cure. (Bib5, CQ

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