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Ebola Virus Essay The Ebola Virus took place in Zaire, Africa in April, 1995. Ebola is a contagious disease that makes you bleed a lot and kills you within a week. This disease was primarily spread through touching the contagions bodily fluids or just their body. It could also be spread through sperm. Ebola was studied by multiple scientists from out of the country. They took many steps trying to stop the spreading of the disease. They studied how it spreads and what it is. They found every case and isolated the patient in hospitals. To get into the hospitals, the doctors/people had to wear protective gear and walk through bleach. When they left, they burned all the gear. Even though the people of Zaire weren’t happy about this, they stopped all the funerals for the people that died of Ebola. This epidemic was difficult to solve and study. Scientists had a hard time gaining control of it because the people died so fast and it was contagious. The families with an Ebola patient didn’t want to tell anyone about it because they didn’t want them to leave. Ebola caused a chain of deaths because it could get into the air and still be alive. And it could come from animals. The scientists did multiple studies to learn more about Ebola like studying the blood from patients and animals or studying the first patient’s footsteps. They went to different countries trying to get information and showed videos to Zaire trying to show them what it was. Finally, African doctors came up with a treatment to save victims of Ebola. They put survivors blood into the victims blood because the survivors were immune to it so it could possibly do the same for the victims. But, many foreign doctors objected to it because it could give them HIV, Hepatitis, Malaria, Typhoid or even

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