Ebola and the Crucible Essay

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Ebola has been all over the news lately, from channel 1-25. I have been wondering why Ebola deserves to be on the news 24/7. People are asking how are we going to cure Ebola, Will it kill you instantly, Should I be worried... .etc. The main question we should be asking is why Ebola is causing all this hysteria? Ebola is an infectious and generally fatal diseased marked by fever and severe internal bleeding, spread through contact with infected body fluids by a filovirus (A filamentous RNA virus of a genius that causes severe hemorrhagic fevers in human and primate) Ebola has a 90 percent mortality rate. More than 1,350 people have died from this deadly disease in West Africa. They are making 10.8 million dollars available to fund research. There has been a recent outbreak in West Africa and recently Thomas Duncan came to visit friends in the USA and he apparently had Ebola. Everyone went hysterical and began to quarantine everything. His family was put in isolation and is being monitored for 21 days. Currently Thomas Duncan is in critical condition and has a very low chance of survival. The hysteria from Ebola and the hysteria from the Crucible are similar. They both are trying to stop this certain goal from spreading or ever happening again( In this case, Ebola for modern time and Witches back then in Salem.) They will do anything to do it even if it means hurting innocent people. In a way, Danfroth from the Crucible is like Ebola; he kills innocent people then finds more people to kill until there are no more people to kill. It’s hard to find a cure for Ebola as it is hard to find evidence that the people accused were actually witches. People fear both Ebola and Witches equally, thus making them perfect examples of

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