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Problem and Solution: The Ebola Virus The Ebola Virus was discovered in 1976 and has been a medical mystery since ("Ebola in the U.S”p.1.). The Ebola virus is a hemorrhagic fever that can be deadly if not treated appropriately (“What is the Ebola Virus”p.1.). This virus can be transmitted through blood, needles, and infected animal ("Prevention."p.1.). The FDA has not approved the treatment of this deadly virus ("Ebola in the U.S”p.1.). However, experimental vaccines and treatments for Ebola are under development, but they have not yet been fully tested for safety or effectiveness (“Treatment”p.1.). This paper will discuss the problem of the people entering the United States with the fatal virus and solutions to prevent it. America is at risk of having an outbreak of the Ebola virus. Millions of people travel in and out of the U.S. every day. With a large amount of travelers coming to America we are at risk of the Ebola virus spreading in America. There has been one confirmed case in Dallas, Texas at Texas Health Presbyterian hospital where a man has been treated for the virus ("Ebola in the U.S”p.1.). The patient traveled from Liberia, Africa visiting his family in the U.S. Four days after being in America he showed symptoms of the virus ("Ebola in the U.S”p.1.). Eighteen other people have been exposed to this virus from the patient ("Ebola in the U.S”p.1.). The first solution is to stop the disease from entering the United States. Everyone traveling to America from high risk countries should be screened for the virus. Prior to travel everyone should go through a thorough screening process. Health care professionals should be used to monitor travelers for symptoms of the Ebola virus. If the Health care professionals observe any symptoms they should immediately transport the traveler to the nearest hospital for treatment. This may appear to be troublesome for

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