Ebay Company Analysis - Corporate Level Strategy

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ebay Analysis - Corporate Level Strategy May 23, 2013 It is fact that ebay Inc. is a popular World's Online Marketplace over thirty countries. Through ebay.com which is an online auction and shopping website, people and businesses buy and sell a broad variety of goods and services worldwide. An analysis of the key factors of the company is compiled to find out what the ebay strategy is, what its business model is, and how it is doing, especially financially. Analysis of ebay’s Strategy Before ebay could begin to compete in the online auction industry a strategy and business model needed to be developed. To remain competitive, ebay had to develop strategies, which includes define the businesses it would be competing in and how it would compete in those specific businesses. It also needed to decide how it would be a successful service to its customers. * Corporate Strategy: to become a diversified business ebay wanted to diversify not only the products it offered but also its customer base and global reach. The service it provides is appealing to both individual customers as well as large corporate customers. Hobbyist and collectors, casual sellers, professional buyers, and corporate sellers all belong to the ebay customer base. By using the ebay service you can find virtually anything you are looking for. The products that are offered on the ebay website range from shoes to automobiles. This makes its product line very diverse as well. The creation of ebay motors, ebay Real Estate, and the LiveAuctions specialty site, as well as the acquisition of Half.com have all contributed to the growth and diversification of this company. In addition to diversifying its customers and its products, ebay has expanded its business by branching out into domestic markets as well. * Business Strategy: broad differentiation strategy ebay competes in the
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