Ebags Case Study Week 4

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eBags Case Study::: Week 4 While evaluating eBags processes and set-up, I found that the criteria for performance that is used to select the winners of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award was very helpful. The table they use for that award categorizes the important factors that should be kept in perspective when developing a successful company or even improving an already developed company. eBags earns a perfect score when I use this table. They have a great leadership set-up and seem to handle their decision making strategically and keep all members of staff involved in what the issues are at hand. Their planning process is also exceptional. They have made plans to improve their product, their company as a whole and the processes that they use. They have implemented these changes and have been successful; these areas earn a perfect score in my viewpoint as well. eBags is on top of their customer focus and their knowledge management. The figures of production and their advancements prove that they are constantly improving and allow factual evidence of their success. Workforce focus I would give 80 points, the maximum score being 85. I don’t see much evidence of rewards given throughout the company. Their quality improvement seems to be perfect. The last category regarding the customer focused outcomes and on-time deliveries as well as other factors is a broad category and obviously very important in the Malcolm Baldrige Award as it is work 450 points. I think that eBags has done a pretty good job in this area and would also give them full credit with this section of the table. They seem to overcome obstacle and continue to think outside the box for ways to satisfy the customer and continue their success. Resources: Course Text: Schroeder, R. G., Goldstein, S. M., & Rungusanatham, M. J. (2011). Operations management: contemporary concepts and

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