Eating Snack in Class, Good or Bad? Essay

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Imagine a classroom that’s messy, disorganized, and full of failing obese students. The teacher has no control, and the students are displaying no focus or restraint. Scary, right? Well this could be the ultimate appearance of your classroom if you let students eat in class. Generally, the majority of students will not clean up after themselves. As you can imagine, this would result in an extremely disorganized, unfocused, disaster of a classroom, which would be unappealing to all who are in it. Also, students have many things to pose as distractions, and allowing them to eat in class will just add on to that ongoing list. In addition, allowing food can be dangerous, with so many students having hazardous or even life threatening allergies. Admittedly, students disregard the teacher and classroom rules enough as it, even without food, and it would just give them another excuse to do so. It would interrupt the learning process to allow snacks during class. If you’ve ever tried to complete a task on an empty stomach, you understand the crucial connection between nutrition and concentration. On the other hand, if you’ve ever tried to concentrate on a certain thing, like watching a movie, while someone sitting next to you is gnawing on a crunchy snack, you know how distracting food is capable of being. Students can be distracted by the most irrelevant things that would take their attention, even if it’s temporary, away from the lesson. The smell of certain foods may bother some students, or amplify hunger pangs in other students with no snack. For example, I completely loath the smell of peanut butter, and imagine my horror if someone walks in with a PBN’J sandwich. Also, eating in class can create large messes, with crumbs and rappers everywhere. Not to mention there are many snacks that can cause life-threatening allergic reactions to many kids. Some may experience

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