Eating Health Essay

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How many of you want to be healthy? How many of you find it a challenge to eat healthily because you are always running somewhere such as from work to school or from school to another activity? Most of us are. Today we will discuss ways you can incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle even if you are always on the go. Packing a lunch, choosing restaurants wisely, and keeping nutritious snacks on hand are a just a few of the ways you can still manage to eat something decent while maintaining a hectic pace. Most schools are trying hard to upgrade their lunch programs and offer the best food they can. But not every school cafeteria provides appealing, healthy lunch choices. Educate yourself when it comes to what the cafeteria has to offer. For example, did you know chicken nuggets have more fat and calories than a plain burger? Even if the school provides healthy options, it can be too easy to give in to temptation and pick a less healthy choice when you're feeling really hungry. Pack healthy snacks so you don't feel tempted to step off campus for a fast-food lunch, or hit the vending machine or corner store for chocolate and a soda! Put the money you save on those type of snacks aside. There are many convenient options available like Granola bars, Oatmeal, Energy or protein bars, Trail mix, pre cooked turkey and chicken, Nuts, Animal crackers, Tuna fish, Peanut butter, Fresh fruit, Whole Grain Crackers, whole grain bread, Soup, Cereal, Yogurt, Baby carrots, apple sauce, Water or flavored waters. You can prepare the night before for convenience so easy to eat healthy on the go. . Microwaveable frozen healthy dinners are another option like Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice. If you eat out on special occasions, eat what you want and enjoy the meal. However, if eating out is a more regular occurrence, it is important to choose wisely. It isn’t impossible to
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