Eating Disorders In Female Athletes Essay

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Many female and male athletes tend to suffer from an eating disorder , especially in sports such as dancing, running, gymnastics, and wrestling. Eating disorders are most commonly found in female athletes. Female athletes suffer from this order in a vulnerable attempt to become beautiful and thin during competition. Many athletes suffer from this disease because of emotional damage caused by negative criticism from coaches and judges throughout the course of the season. Negative criticism forces athletes to set high standards on performance at being the best in every competition which develop symptoms of disordered eating. The three main types of eating disorder associated mostly in athletes are anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive exercise. An important syndrome associated…show more content…
Female athletes who benefit from athletic activity are more likely to lack obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. Also, female athletes are less likely to become pregnant, abuse drugs, stress, and have a guilty self image. The main causes of eating disorders are social, psychological, and physiologic factors. These factors contribute to poor self esteem, family dysfunctions, bad dieting habits, and social pressure of bring trim and beautiful.(Hamilton and Beck 2005) stated National Collegiate Athletic Association study of eating disorders in athletes revealed 1.1% of female athletes met the criteria for bulimia, but not for anorexia. This research explained problems in weight control behaviors which cause female athletes to feel negative about their appearance. Weight control behaviors are a major challenge when dealing with eating disorder. It makes women feel as though they have to be thin in order to compete at the highest level in their sport which is not even n important factor
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