Eating Disorders Essay

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The lecture perfect girls, starving daughters, a young girls quest for physical perfection by Courtney E. Martin states how we define a successful female life. It is the state of being worthy in the world in the shape we are in. It should not always be about diet and exercise, etc. Mothers, fathers, media and the individual itself plays a role in the quest for perfection, where consequences may play a part. The role of a mother impacts the quest for perfection. A mother will always tell their daughters how beautiful they are. A contradiction comes into play because the individual may be receiving compliments about their appearance from the mother, but the mother would say something discouraging about themselves. Socializing plays a role to feel good about themselves. There is a great profound deep respect for mothers because of all the tasks they play. The tasks that are being done throughout a day can almost categorize a mother as “super mom.” These tasks may include work world, home life, taking care of elderly parents, etc. Many women are very exhausted after these tasks and put in a lot of self-sacrifice. Being a successful female is being dynamic, but having self-sacrifice, exhaustion and even self-hate that they picked up on their mothers own health. Mothers comprise their own health to be everything to everyone else, hence “super mom.” It may seem mothers play a big role in a female’s life, but fathers also play a role in a way a young women understand their bodies. Fathers tend to comment on their wife’s bodies or other women bodies. This is the first instance, where a young women realizes that men in general will always look at a women’s body. This is because the father is the first male a young women encounters. When a young women hits puberty and their body starts to develop, fathers cannot really deal on the reality of their daughters becoming women.

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