Eating Disorders Essay

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Food Issues Today in America eating and becoming healthy seems to quickly be gaining momentum as the newest and biggest trend. Health food stores are opening in hopes of making money by taking shoppers away from the everyday supermarket; new gyms and fitness centers are being built to make money off of new customers wanting to get in good physical shape; even books, magazines, and television shows are cashing in on our societies never ending hopes of becoming healthy and dropping the pounds. In this case, jumping on the proverbial band wagon is probably not a bad idea at all. Becoming more health conscious is a huge benefit for your self, the animals that are wrongfully treated in the horrific food industry, and could possibly even result in a government realization of the shocking things that are allowed to happen regarding to food in the United States because there are no laws to stop them. The average American’s everyday diet consists of abundant awful and harmful substances being taken into their body. “Most Americans eat twice as much protein, which has sent obesity, heart disease, and cancer rates soaring over the past fifty years.” (Freedman and Barnouin, 40) With this being said, meat is not necessary in getting the amount of protein a person needs. “Studies published in The Journal of Clinical Nutrition and The New Englad Journal of Medicine stated that meat eaters are much more likely to be overweight than vegetarians.” (Freedman and Barnouin, 41) Consuming meat is shown to be linked to many harmful things resulting in the body. Some results of the intake of meat can includes urinary tract infections; kidney, liver, lung, and reproductive disorders; cellulite; cancer; nervous system disorders; and birth defects. If giving up meat to become a vegetarian is not a feasible option to become healthy there are numerous other foods and

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