Eating Disorders Essay

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Treating Eating Disorders Eating disorders are multidimensional disorders that impact physical, mental, social, and spiritual aspects of a person’s life. As a result, people often require several types of interventions in order to recover. Although eating disorders are serious illnesses, therapy can be very successful. The severity of the condition will also determine the kind of treatment that’s appropriate. A therapist can help assess your situation and work with you to determine the type of evaluation and individualized treatment plan you or your loved one may need. It is important to seek help from someone who is familiar with eating disorders, and who will coordinate with other treatment providers. Counseling should address both symptom relief from eating disordered behaviors and should also deal with underlying psychological, interpersonal and cultural influences that have contributed to or maintain the eating disorder. A clinical social worker often will provide psychotherapy while acting as a bridge to connect you to additional resources for a medical evaluation and nutritional assessment/counseling, both of which are also critical arenas for intervention. Here are some options to consider as part of an eating disorder treatment plan. Outpatient Services • Psychotherapy can be in an individual, couples, family, and/or group format. Many individuals who are seen as an outpatient may require more than one kind of therapy. For instance, for a college student who is attending college away from home, a psychotherapy plan might involve weekly individual and group counseling sessions, along with intermittent family therapy sessions. • The individual’s general physician,who can evaluate their health status and provide treatments, can often provide medical evaluation and follow up care. • A registered dietician can provide nutrition assessment and

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