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Eating Disorders in Young Adults This article discussed why young adults develop eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. The first paragraph talks about the fact that researchers don’t know the direct cause of eating disorders but that there is a misconceptions about the causes. Most of the time eating disorders are not about wanting to be thin or about food; it is about unhealthy habits having to do with food to cope with stressful situations. Just by looking at a person can make it difficult to diagnose someone with an eating disorder because the truth is that people with eating disorders can be underweight, normal, or even overweight. There are many factors that can contribute to unhealthy habits such as Genetics, Biochemistry, Psychology, Culture, and Environment. Eating disorders can be genetic and run in the family as they are linked to specific chromosomes. Biochemistry can play a role in eating habits where there is a chemical imbalance that can affect stress, appetite, and mood of a person. Going along with the mood of a person, psychological factors are a main cause of eating disorders especially those with low self-esteem, perfectionism, impulsivity, and trouble coping with stressful situations. The next area discussed, which is culture, is why most people believe eating disorders happen. Our culture is very focused on being thin and looking like the models in magazines or the beautiful actresses on television. This can deal with unhealthy dieting and the media’s focus on a toned silhouette. Lastly eating disorders can also develop from the environment of a person when they are surrounded by peer pressure or stressful relationships with family and friends. These are just a few of the reasons why young adults may develop eating disorders and why they are very difficult to notice and figure out the direct cause. This article made me realize that

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