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Amanda Berry September 28, 2014 Introduction to Sociology SOCI111 Eating Christmas in the Kalahari The article used the functionalist view. The article was about the way people get accepted into the culture that is not their own. It is like a ritual that they do to every new person that is accepted into the culture. Some cultures don’t tell you that there are certain things that they do due to they don’t want you to change the way you look at things or the way you might understand the culture. In the article they used the agent of socialization and enforcer of social norms. In the article they used the agent of socialization a lot. The agent of socialization just means that there is a culture that does things a certain way, or even talks to people a certain way and they don’t address these things with anyone from the outside culture. During the article there was a “non-cultured” man named /ontail wanted to get the biggest ox that he could find to feed the village for Christmas. He was told that there was tradition that you go out and find the biggest ox and they feast on it and dance afterward. That is exactly what he thought that he did. He went out and found the biggest ox and paid for it to be killed so he could feed the whole village. Well after /ontail thought that he did a good job finding the biggest meatiest ox he was confronted by the village. They wanted to know what they were going to eat during Christmas feast since he killed the thinnest ox with nothing but skin and bones. /ontail was confused because he thought that he found the biggest one to feed the village. /ontail got laughed at about the ox he found. /ontail being confused didn’t understand, he did what the culture does every year, brings the biggest ox to the village for a feast. After a couple days of everyone taunting and teasing /ontail, they cut open the

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