Eating Animals Essay

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In Eating Animals, Foer argues for the end of factory farming and the bad treatment of the animals in slaughterhouses. Ending factory farming will better the lives of the animals and help humans avoid diseases that have plagued us because of how slaughtering in now done. Foer explains throughout the book the bad treatment the animals are subject to for faster production and cheaper meats that humans take for granted. The diseases animals get from the treatment whether it be the overcrowding of cages to the dirty conditions also provide insight into why we need to end factory farming. Humans frequently get sick but as described in the book most of the dangerous diseases come from factory farms as the recent H1N1 showed . Ending factory farming will end all of this and the inhumane slaughter and treatment of animals. Faster production of animal meat is what leads to the overcrowding of animals and contributes to the dirty conditions. Foer writes, “ The weaned pigs will then be forced into thick-wire –“nurseries.” These cages are stacked one on top of the other, and feces and urine fall from higher cages onto the animals below” (Foer 187). The animals are numerous that factory farms are not equipped to handle the fast production needed for the high demand of cheap meat. This leads to dirty conditions that have effected the food that we eat. Another example of this, Foer explains, “…water in this tanks has been aptly named ‘fecal soup’ for all the filth and bacteria floating around. By immersing clean, healthy birds in the tank with dirty ones, you’re practically assuring cross-contamination” (Foer 135). The overcrowding of animals ensures dirty conditions which would only harm the humans that eat factory farm foods. The bacteria and fecal matter that is collected by the dirty

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