Eat out or at home

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Nowadays a lot of restaurants and fast food stands are opened rapidly. So people have many choices for their meals. Instead of cooking at home they they can eat out. But I still prefer to prepare and eat food at home.No where is like home. After a busy day,I think everybody really want to come back home to relax. Why do you find it difficult to decide a restaurant to have dinner while you always have a special one? It’s your own house. It doesn’t cost you much money to have a delicious dinner at home. And it’s not only cheap but also very clean. You do not need to worry about the hygiene of your food as in the restaurants. So having dinner at home is the easiest choice for our convenience and curb expense. Maybe you like going to the restaurant because there are varieties of food to choose.And there are also many kinds of restaurants which can provide us food from all over the world such as Chinese restaurant,Indian one,etc…That’s very interesting to know a lot of food from many countries with their own characteristics and flavours.But you can have like that at home.I’m sure it’s easy to find the detailed books which can teach you to cook whatever you want.So you will be a good cook and let your family or your friends praise you for your trying.Although there is a lot of food at the restaurant but it maybe not suit to your taste.But you can cook as you want at home:salty or peppery or sour food,it depends on you. Life goes by and by with a lots of difficulties.You may get easy to be tired or stress.You may not do everything as you want.Why don’ you relax by cooking for your family?For me,it’s the best way to relax because I can do whatever I want.I’m a boss in my kitchen.After one hour,I can see and enjoy my success.It’s also the way for me to show my care and love to my

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