Eat at Restaurants

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Some people prefer to eat at restaurants. Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Many people who enjoy food prefer to eat at diners. They think if they have their meal at restaurants, then they can save their time. Although I understand their point of view, I have a different opinion. I believe to cook at home because it saves money, maintains health, and relaxes me. First of all, making your own food at home saves money. For example, my colleague has the habit of buying fast food. Because of this, he always pays $400 per month. This is why he cannot go to parties and other events. On the other hand, I use to prepare food by myself. So I have more money every week to buy my kids the toys they want. Therefore I can spend my money to. Home cooked food is not only saves money, but it is also sustains health. For example, my aunty prefers to consume outdoor diet. She always suffers from digestive problem. Outsider food causes allergy, irritation, indigestion and many more problems. However, my husband always prefers delicious homemade food. Whenever he goes to outside he takes his meal with him. Therefore, he never had a stomachache or heartburn till now. In addition to, homemade food maintaining oneself health, it is also provides ease. For example, my class mate has the habit of late night eating. Many times it is not safe to go at night and food is not readily available at bistros. One time he robbed by robber. However, I never go at night to eat besides occasional party. So I never had a type of safety problem any time. This is why I prefer to cook and put my favorite things in the refrigerator. Therefore with comfort I can eat my things at night in front of the Television. In conclusion, for the reason I
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