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In my last column, Six_ easy way to change a babies diaper_I provided a sure proof system that any father can use in order to change their child’s diaper. That article was approached with so much gratitude from not only the dad communities but the mom community as well. I felt it was only fitting that I follow-up with six steps any dad can follow to get out of changing a babies diaper. Lets face facts here; women are genetically programmed to change diapers. When was the last time you know of a women gagging when they changed a diapers? That contemplative silence that you are experiencing right now if because you don’t know if a time when a women gagged changing a diaper. The next question is, when was the last time you know…show more content…
To execute, when asked to change a diaper do it with out hesitation. However be sure to put the diaper on backwards. Say nothing of it, your wife or girlfriend will discover it on there own later. Do this a few times and with a little luck she will stop asking you to change diapers. Step 3 3 If you have tried the above steps and are still changing diapers your options are running thin. What you need to do next is when changing the diaper "accidentally" rip off one of the pieces of tape or straps. Its pretty easy with a little tug. This renders the diaper unusable. After you have ripped it off, hold it up and say "now what"? Don't be surprised if your babies Mama gets pretty frustrated at this point just try your best to play it off as a accident. Be careful if you have to try this one too many times. Diapers get expensive and you just might be the one paying for them. Step 4 4 So you needed a step 4, that's not good. For now on just put the diaper on so it sags a lot, she may finally take pity on you and assume your talent is not changing the baby. You can also try constructing a mask out of diapers to block the horrible smell, this may also cause her to take pity on

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