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Title: Easy Rider Date: 28 September 2011 Author: Michael Brooks Pages: 44-47 Edition number: Source: New Scientist Year of Publication: 2011 After the invention of the bicycle more than a century ago, have we finally found the formula for a super-stable bicycle? After a lot of good and also ridiculous forms of bicycles the still isn’t a physical explanation why the bicycle keeps itself upright while rolling along. Many theories seemed to be untrue and nobody no one knows exactly why a bike can keep itself stable. The more we come to know about the bike the more likely it is we can design something out of ordinary. But it’s not easy to come with something new which has a lot of improvement. Because we don’t completely understand how a bicycle works. They are trying to answer an important question: How complicated a system can a human deal with. The answer comes out of Belgium. A two-wheeled bike connected to a line of steerable monocycles. Maybe this is the bike we’ll ride in the future. This article describes the difficulties to create a formula for super-stable bicycle. I have learned about the construction of a ‘perfect’ bicyle. In some countries the bike is used very much so it would be nice if there keep being improvements but it won’t have a major impact on our society. I use the bicycle a lot because live at a distance of 10 kilometers from school, but I didn’t like this article as much as I liked my other articles. Although it did surprised me that such a standard vehicle is still not totally understood. I won’t use this article for my big PO because the topic didn’t attract me enough for such a bigger

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