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ABSTRACT “Listening skills are crucial to learning! Students who listen well are able to follow directions and complete activities. Students cannot learn effectively if they cannot listen to and follow directions” (Carole Elckeles, 2003). As the quote above states, listening skills are crucial to a student’s ability to learn. This paper describes the work of a teacher working with special needs students. The use of various techniques designed to improve their ability to listen and focus are described. There are a lot of reasons why educators are now focused on the ability to understand and contribute to communication. Firstly, pupils at basic schools are encouraged to develop good listening abilities in their mother tongue so that they can be successful in everyday communication. Secondly, students have to develop effective listening strategies that will enable them to learn another language. How can you help students to improve their listening? As we know that listening comprehension is an important skill to master. There are many things you can do to help the students to improve their English listening skills, from engaging in everyday activities like watching TV to taking a formal class. Whether they are studying English as a second or foreign language, the key is to be persistent and practice a lot. Here are some tips to help the students to improve their listening: Instruct students to take time each day to watch English language television and films. Exposure to English speaking media will help familiarize students with the customs and slang terms in English speaking countries. Encourage students to watch with subtitles if they're just getting started. Introduce students to bilingual students proficient in English who can serve as mentors. Encourage students to get involved with clubs and teams where they will be exposed to English in a

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