Easy Company Soldiers

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Comrades of Easy Company Easy Company from its inception in July of 1942 to its disbandment at the end of World War II was an elite paratrooper force made up of “voluntary citizen soldiers” meaning they were in Easy Company of their own accord and for the most part where all previously not in any form of military. (Ambrose p. 16-17) "Easy company included three rifle platoons and a headquarters section. Each platoon contained three twelve-man rifle squads and a six-man mortar team squad.” Easy also had one machine gun attached to each of its rifle squads, and a 60mm mortar in each mortar team. The training they would endure was much more rigorous, as the conditions would be more perilous, “of the 500 officers who had volunteered, only 148 successfully completed the course. The enlisted men had it equally tough, with only 1,800 men being selected out of 5,300 volunteers” (Ambrose, 18) this left them feeling that themselves and the man watching their back would be much more prepared for battle than your average draftee. Easy company starts training in July of 1942 and ends in Dec... ... middle of paper ... ... these men set out to survive the war and the process won it. Many best-selling books have been written on the men of easy company as well as a popular HBO series that was named Band of Brothers. Beyond the gore and action of these stories it is still easy to see why millions want to learn about these men. I believe it is so well documented because they exemplify what it is to be American, that many men from different backgrounds can come together and complete unbelievable tasks through un-daunting determination, even in the face of
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