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Eastern Philosophy Letter Axia College of University of Phoenix Our origins stretch further back than anyone can remember, there is no set doctrines for which you can lead your life based upon, only that of which has and will be taught to you. Thinking of our beliefs as a spiritual attitude, will give you a great rise to a variety of religious and philosophical beliefs and practices. The beliefs brought forth by experience and various methods of spiritual discipline will help you understand the way of Hinduism. The use of Brahman is the universal breath of priest use to invoke the breath behind all of existence using specified formulas, sacred chants, and sacred actions. After this ritual it opened spiritual expression for both shudras and women which has been the primary path ever since. Our way of life is full of tradition and meaningful aspects where spirituality is never far from our minds. Hinduism has a long list of thinkers and contains monism and dualism, the belief is that there is absolutely one ultimate reality being consciousness or thoughts of being one. Atman is the considered the ones self, ones soul, and the principle of individual life, but one must realize this through meditation and contemplation then all things come into recognition of the non-reality of the real world. This is thought of to be beyond god, Hinduism believes that gods are symbolic personification of the absolute principle. Human life is considered to be a journey that we should try and control our minds and senses. We should seek god while eliminating the shadow between instead of taking everyday one day at a time but thinking and believing in blissful contemplation with the controlling of the mind and body to experience self fulfillment. The belief that one’s karma will determine the birth of one in the next lifetime has been supported by the Hinduism belief,

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