Easter in Poland

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Easter in Poland By: Chasta Peyton Oct. 30, 2007 According to legend, the Polish ruler Prince Mieszko was baptized in 966 on Easter. In Poland Easter is celebrated with many diffrent customs on of them being the" Blessing of the Basket" , which takes place the Saturday before Easter. Inside the basket are beautifully colored eggs, bread, cake, salt, pepper, and white colored sausages and then the basket is taken to the church to have the food blessed by the Preist. It is believed that "Great Lent" which is the 40 day fast before Easter is not over until the blessing of the basket. Items in the basket such as the colored eggs means that Christ has Risen, the bread and salt are for good health a prosperous life and the sausage is supposed to be a wish for enough food and fertility for the coming spring. And on Easter Monday which is known for " switching day " on this day boys swat their girlfriends with small willow branches. But on Easter Tuesday the girls get even by swatting the boys back. It is also a custom to decorate the eggs with run yarn . Dyngus or Smingus Dyngus is celebrated in Poland on the first Monday after Easter. On this day boys wait to sprinkle girls with water or perfume. The story say's that girls who get caught and soaked with perfume or water will marry within the year. This may be the very reason why some girls make feeble attempts to escape the dousings. On Easter Sunday The table is decorated with green leaves and a sugar lamb may be placed in the center as a centre-piece. After the food is taken to the church to be blessed by the priest it is brought back to the home and placed on the table and left out all day long so that everyone can eat when ever

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