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East Meets West; Is Compromise Possible? Peter A. Zerites Aurora University East meets West, Is Compromise Possible? Introduction A study on academic integrity showed that “55.4% Japanese students admitted to cheating on an exam; while 26% of the American sample admitted the same” (Dierkhoff, 1999 pp347). This paper will demonstrate how students from Eastern cultures; specifically those from Japan and China often have difficulties with regards to academic integrity while attending American universities. I feel this can be attributed to cultural communication differences between the respective Countries. Historically, individualist and collectivist cultures have different views on what is appropriate in the context of academic integrity in higher education; these cultural contexts put students and administrators on opposite sides of the fence in relation to plagiarism and cheating. Previous work has also been done in the field of learning styles and what impact it may have on test taking; exam integrity behavior, and the reporting of observed cheating in an academic setting. The presence of either an individualistic or collectivistic communicational context in an academic setting may be attributed to their country of origin. Each has nuances associated with them that effects their learning and educational aptitude. How students learn and the cultural norms of both countries will be researched and explored with an emphasis on inter-personal communication skills; as well as the relationship between acceptable and unacceptable behavior. The purpose of this research is not to dispel or validate already known facts; but rather, to formulate an understanding of how these cultural differences effect ethics; and more importantly, academic dishonesty and plagiarism. Collective and individual societies have by nature, intrinsic moral and value based cultures in

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