East of Eden Essay

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S.O.A.P.S.Tone-“East Of Eden” I. Speaker- The Speaker isn’t really known throughout the story. East of Eden is told in third person and the speaker resembles John Steinbeck himself. But throughout the story the narrative role is shifted through a few characters for a small period of time. II. Occasion- Mainly the Salinas Valley in Northern California. * Larger-Caleb tried to overcome temptation. * Immediate-Caleb tries to overcome his temptations to be favored by his father, Adam. III. Audience- This books audience is for people between their teen to mid-life years who want to read something about the power of the internal battle of good vs. bad. IV. Purpose-To show how hard it is to overcome temptation and we can sometimes lose sights of the importance of morals. V. Subject- Battle of internal temptation. ; Battle of fathers and sons. VI. Tone-The tone of this story is mostly hopeful and nostalgic. VII. Theme-The pain of rejection from a parent. ; The constant battle of temptation or good vs. evil. Theme Essay Temptation or the constant internal battle of good vs. evil isn’t an easy thing to overcome. In East of Eden, Caleb, Adams son, is the epitome of the constant battle of temptation in this story. He constantly finds himself trying to do the right thing and not give in to temptation. Caleb is basically the central idea of the battle of good vs. evil in this book. He constantly found himself trying to change his ways and keeping a good character, especially since he desired to be favored by his father Adam. Caleb constantly finds himself looking for ways to free himself from this internal battle in him that won’t let him do good. He feels constrained and can’t find freedom. To relieve himself of this he even tries praying to God. He feels that it’ll help him feel liberty from having to choose

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