East Midtown Summary

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Chastidy Rimolo Reading upon both articles, Both Robert A.M. Stern and Kenneth Jackson have strong and persuasive points of views towards the East Midtown rezoning. Robert Stern, in this article, he gives this impression that he isn’t completely against the moment, but then again he is not completely for it. As an Architect himself, he seems to be for it, but then he questions everything about the on going project. East Midtown happens to be a very populated and dense area in Manhattan, Stern paints out how hard transportation can be in that neighborhood of the New York City. Not having access to much infrastructure as he used, with the new construction, how will people have transportation that isn’t already as difficult as it already is? Stern concludes it would be reasonable to first build more infrastructures. After that is done, He mentions what buildings are worth preserving and which aren’t. Stern sees many New York buildings that are worth…show more content…
Kenneth Jackson seems to be worried that the city will lose its high status, if the East Midtown rezoning does not happen. The movement is been back and forth with the old over transformation, he states it’s been about fifty years since the last building of a skyscraper. Since then other cities have evolved with their buildings, with work space that cannot compare to what the city has. These other cities such as London, Tokyo, and much more, are changing constantly, having the most modern buildings. Coming from the article, Jackson shows an example how much people would pay and deal with to be in the city that never sleeps. Though, transportation in East Midtown, may not be the easiest, the 2nd avenue train will be built. Jackson finally questions whether New York will change, or be stuck in time as other cities or towns in the United
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