East India Company Essay

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What were the principal reasons that accounted for the success of the Dutch East India Company as a commercial and political enterprise in the seventeenth century? The Dutch East India Company had a multifaceted business model. Its shareholders and their accountability made it the limited-liability company. Also it was a highly structured company of that time and world's first global company. The Dutch East India Company actively took part in bringing the European ideas and technology to the Asia. It extended the European exploration and provided a new field to the migration and trade. Besides its trade and discretion, it also supported various explorations of the Australia, New Guinea, Tasmania and the South Pacific. The Dutch East India Company worked to concentrate resources and get rid of the pricey competition. With its enormous deliberation of resources, it could effortlessly overtake its European competitors. It was the first timer to establish domination over the trading of the spices. The Dutch got hold of all of the Java, the most of Sumatra, the spice-farming Moluccas and a part of the Ceylon. They operated their farms, supply of the pepper, sugar, cinnamon, tobacco, tea and coffee on their own, for the unpredictable world market. The Dutch formed their West India Company to overtake the Portuguese and Spanish hold in the America and Africa. It soon took over the slave trade with America. After lashing the Spanish from Caribbean, they tempted the other European planting customers to West Indies. The company, then, commenced a nautical invasion of Brazil, starting from the south Amazon up to the San Francisco River. The Dutch passed their knowledge of planting sugar to the Caribbean and applied it in the East Indies. On March 20, 1602, an assembly of the Dutch merchants and the independent trading companies, annoyed with the domination of the
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