Eassy on Lion King Compared to Hamlet

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Jordany Almonte Dr.Johnson British Literature 5 January 2014 In the movie the Lion King there is clearly a connection to Shakespeare's Hamlet. In the movie the same plot for Hamlet is shown just with animals and it was intended for young children. At first glance the similarities may not look the same but when you actually pay attention to the movie the similarities are shown. In the play itself the play is shown exactly how Shakespeare wanted, obviously because he wrote it. But in Walt Disneys The Lion King all the characters from the Hamlet are turned into animals. The young prince whose father is murdered by his fathers brother name is Simba. King Claudius would also be compared to Scar in the lion king because he murdered Mufasa who was Simba’s father and the king of the jungle. In the movie Simba also delays his actions much like Hamlet in the play when he finds out who murdered his fathers. In both the play and the movie the fathers of both princes approach their sons in the same way, each prince encountered a ghost who told them what really happen to their fathers. In the Lion king the ghost did not tell Simba who the killer was where as in Hamlet they did. Scar like in hamlet also takes advantage of his new power and leads his people to war. After this we see when the differences between the two works happen. In the Lion King Scar never once feels bad for killing Mufasa and even confesses to Simba proudly that he was the one who killed his father. Where as in Hamlet Claudius is found paying and repenting for his sins against Hamlet senior. I think the director made the choices he did in making all the characters animals because he wanted to put a story that children can understand and sit down and enjoy with their family. I also think the differences in characters I stated above were necessary because I feel like in the Lion King the wanted to

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