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BACKGROUND OF THE TOPIC Earthquakes are vibrations in the Earth's crust that cause shaking at the surface. They are highly unpredictable and often occur suddenly without warning. As yet, we have no way of fully and accurately predicting when an earthquake will occur. Earthquakes are common events on the Earth, with around 50,000 occurring every year around the globe, mainly on the plate margins(see a map of latest British Isles Earthquakes). A lot of these earthquakes will be imperceptible to people and will be only picked up on the most sensitive of seismometers. We do know where most earthquakes will occur, and they tend to coincide with destructive, conservative, collisional and constructive plate margins. ANECDOTE Trapped in the rubble for one month after Haiti's massive earthquake, Evans Monsignac thought he was dead. Here the man thought to be the longest-ever earthquake survivor talks exclusively to Jacqui Goddard.For the last 10 weeks, Evans Monsignac has struggled to understand how and why he is still alive. So remarkable is his survival, that at times it has been easier for him to think that he must in fact be dead. Severely malnourished, dehydrated, deeply traumatized and with festering wounds, the frail slum-dweller's survival was hailed a miracle when he emerged after an extraordinary 27 days trapped in the ruins of Haiti's earthquake, confounding doctors and defying medical logic. It is believed to be the longest anyone has endured such an ordeal. Now recovering in a US hospital, he has spoken for the first time of his horrific ordeal, sharing haunting memories that until now have been locked away in his head. "I still don't understand how I'm here," he admitted, his skeletal body resting limply in an intensive care bed at Tampa General Hospital, Florida. "I was resigned to death. But God gave me life. The fact that I'm alive

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