Earth and Its Childre Essay

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1234 Hero Avenue Planet, Earth 5/23/2013 Dear those are willing to listen, Is there someone who you like? A superhero? Are they a hero for the Glory or are they a hero to save others lives just for fun? Well I’m going to tell you about some hero’s that have no super powers, but still want to make a change and want to save others in risk. Hey they can be your neighbor or your friend’s mom. Everyday they’re helping others that need the help and stopping the problem or the bad guys that are on the move. They want to help. But here’s the catch. The “Hero” comes in more then one that has everything. They come in numbers not just one. Most of the time the “Hero” comes in a team. Hero 1: This Hero is, in my opinion, the greatest Hero because they go to other places to keep us safe. They fight the bad guy to the death. They don’t care about the risk, he or she still fight for us. The sad thing about this Hero is when they get hurt, they are forgotten or thought of like they can’t do anything else to make us feel better. But this Hero is the strongest because they have to see their fellow Hero’s die right next to them. Hero 2: This Hero is the kind of Hero that is the bravest. When ever a bad guy causes and fire or a natural fire goes on. They are the first people to fight it. They protect us for the fire. If we’re stuck in the fire. Guess what, they go in after us. Just like Hero 1, Hero 2 wants to help us no matter the risk. Hero 3: This Hero is the Hero that is among us. They’re the ones that put the bad guys in prison. They are the Hero that protects us in our houses, streets, and stores. All we have to do is call them and they’re there. So before you say to be a Hero you have to have a superpower just think about some of these Hero’s. Sincerely, Ryan

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