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What is Earth? According to the Oxford Dictionary, it is the planet on which we live on. But to me, the Earth is our mother. She takes responsibility on us from cradle to grave. She takes every footstep as a gesture of love. We drink water from her, we eat food that comes from within her. But my question is, are we treating our Mother right? Earth might be considered as just a planet with life for scientists, but she is considered as a supreme goddess in many cultures. In the Hindu Mythology, the Earth is considered as one of the main deities. She is known as the mother of all beings. Sages saw the Earth as sacred and inviolable. According to the Prithvi-Sukta (Hymn to Earth), Mother Earth is adorned with heights, slopes, plains, hills, mountains, forests, plants, herbs and treasures. It is believed that she takes care of all living organisms. The early Greeks also worshipped Earth, Gaea, as the universal Mother. They believe she gave birth to both the first races of gods and the humans. Gaea was honored as a prophetess. In Christianity, the Earth was once given the same love and respect as Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus. What happened to us now? Why have we forgotten the values our ancestors taught us? Why are we abusing the love and affection of a mother, who is above all mothers? Scientifically speaking, earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, hurricanes, and other natural catastrophes are mainly caused by man-made judgments such as; deforestation, burning carbon to the extremes, and releasing huge masses of greenhouse gases. But let’s think a little deeper for a second. What does a mother do when she is angry with her children? She will mask her affection towards them until they say sorry and behave the way she says to. If you look at the situation from the perspective of the above mythologies, our Mother Earth is angry and disappointed at us, her children.

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