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Distance of the Earth around the Sun * The Earth goes around the Sun in a counterclockwise orbit, taking a year or about 365 days to make one revolution. The orbit is an ellipse, so the Sun is slightly off-center. * The average distance from the Sun is 149,597,890 kilometers (92,955,820 miles). This distance is so great that it takes light about 8 minutes to reach the Earth from the Sun. Characteristics of the Earth * The composition of the Earth consists of the solid and liquid portion and the atmosphere or gaseous portion. * Oxygen is chemically combined with many substances to produce liquid and solid compounds. Although water (H2O) is a dominant compound on Earth, Hydrogen is not listed above because of its small mass. * Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) is sand, and that compound makes up a large portion of the Earth's mass. Much of the Iron is in the Earth's core and is responsible for the Earth's magnetic field. Atmosphere * Although most people think air is mainly Oxygen, the atmosphere of the Earth actually consists of 79% Nitrogen (N2), 20% Oxygen (O2) and 1% of other gases such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Earth’s Motion * Rotation- turning of the earth about its axis. * Axis - imaginary line that runs through the centre from pole to pole The earth's rotation causes the sun to rise and set at different times in various part of the world. The earth moves in a curved path or orbit around the sun. This movement is known as revolution Earth as a Magnet * The earth is a giant magnet. We can use magnet to detect the earth’s magnetism. * The earth’s magnetism can also be detected using a magnetometer. The Earth’s Interior * The CORE (Center of the Earth) is compared to egg yolk, which is made of a solid inner part surrounded by a liquid outer layer. It is divided into two parts: inner core and the outer core. *

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